At Apex Dental Lab we are committed to excellence in customer service.

Our success in crafting quality restorations is due to a combination of communication, quality equipment and materials, technical skills, and artistry.

Apex is proud to feature our 3shape scanner….

We design all of our own CAD/CAM restorations including custom implant abutments, this allows complete control over design features such as porcelain support for zirconia substructures, and collar height and design for emergence profile of custom implant abutments.

Great communication tool for the dentist and patient, a prepped model can be scanned and designed and imaged emailed to the dentist for consultations.  With choices from a wide variety of full contour anatomical designs a temporary can milled and polished to be used also for preliminary view of the end result for the dentist and patient and then can also be used as the temporary.





Virtual Articulator



Dynamic Virtual Articulation

Can both automatically and manually perform classic jaw movements including Protrusion, Retrusion, Laterotrusion, Mediotrusion and Immediate Side Shift.  Virtual articulating paper can be applied leaving colored marks on the occlusion where high, these can be adjusted manually or automatically.






Virtual Measuring Tool




Images can be sliced in any direction viewed and measured.










Preoperative models can be scanned and overlayed onto the prepped model digitally to visualize design.




Possibilities for custom abutment design are virtually limitless





We only use FDA approved materials and all restorations are made in the U.S.A. guaranteed.